All of these fine young gentlemen were in Sluggo at one time or another

KARL MEYER - bassist 1983 - 1984

After leaving Sluggo in 1984, Karl played with local bands SS-20, The Edge, and Human Zoo before departing for St. John's College in 1986.  In 1991, Karl moved to Chicago to pursue graduate studies at the U of Chicago.  In 1997, after a 10-year hiatus from performing, Karl returned to the music world on a part-time basis as a bass player and producer on the Chicago blues scene.  He has performed at the Chicago Blues Festival five times and in dozens of clubs throughout the Midwest, accompanying blues legends Little Mack Simmons, Easy Baby, Eddie Taylor Jr., Willie Buck, Tail Dragger, Little Arthur Duncan, Byther Smith, and many others.  Karl has produced CDs for Random Chance Records and Wolf Records.  Following advice from numerous folks who said "don't quit your day job," Karl works as a product manager for a software development firm.  He lives with his wife and two children in Suburban Haven, IL. Check out his productions HERE

CHRIS DONNELLY - guitarist 1983 - 1985

A few years after Sluggo ended in 1985, Chris started a rock group called The Mimis, playing with numerous touring acts around the area such as Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Circus Of Power and many others in the heavy rock/grunge vein. The Mimis dissolved after an aborted group move to California.

In 1993 Chris founded the funk outfit SHAG with the aid of Chris "Freekbass" Sherman. The band quickly developed a huge following on the road, touring incessantly all over the U.S. for five years and releasing two CD's ("Bootsy Collins Presents: SHAG Live!" & "Silver City"). SHAG finally called it quits in 1998, but the band has done a few reunions for charity in recent years.

In 2008, Chris started writing songs with Chris Doherty, the man behind Boston Hardcore legends Gang Green. The project evolved into a version of Gang Green with Doherty backed by Chris and other Cincinnati players. This version of Gang Green played around the midwest area throughout 2009, coincidentally headlining the 2009 Jockey Club Reunion show.

Since early 2010, Chris has been playing and writing songs with Cincinnati's longest running punk band, SS-20.

JULIAN BEVAN - lead singer 1983 - 1985

Julian moved to New York City in 1987 to attend art school and pursue a career as a graphic designer and a Hip Hop DJ. He started spinning in Brooklyn in 1988, and steadily built a successful 20-year DJ career that saw him playing in clubs all over NYC, the country, and the world. During the 90s he toured the country as both a solo DJ, and with live bands as their resident DJ, opening up for top tier Hip Hop acts like The Fugees and The Notorious B.I.G. He has since hung up his headphones, occasionally dusting off his 20,000-deep vinyl collection for random gigs here and there. You can check out and download his 20-year archive of DJ mixes HERE (all mixes are free to download).

Simultaneously, Julian built a professional career as a graphic designer in television - now commonly referred to as "motion graphics". As both freelancer and staffer, he has worked as a senior creative at companies like EyeballNYC, Shooting Gallery, Stardust, and VH1. As an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, writer, and director, he has launched damn near a thousand logos, TV commercials, TV shows, music videos, show promos, award shows, and anything and everything in between. Over the years he has worked with brands like Nike, MTV, VH1, AT&T, Comedy Central, IBM, Biography, ABC, Comcast, IFC, and Best Buy. He is currently a Creative Director at Leroy & Clarkson, a creative agency/design studio/production company, where he recently won an Emmy award for his work with The History Channel. You can check out some of his television work HERE 

ERIC MORETON - drummer 1984 - 1985

After Sluggo, Eric went on to play and record with Middlemarch, BuBu Klan, and Black Magic  Rhythm. He is currently in a rockin' little combo called The Ready Stance with his old pal Wes Pence of Middlemarch. He also have been teaching drumset lessons for five years. He has a roster of 25 kids and adults a week that he teaches. He married his best friend ten years ago and they reside in Norwood. 

TOM BYRNE - bassist 1984 - 1985

In the last 25 years, Tom has played in Swearing at Motorists (went to Europe once to tour), Johnny Smoke, and Kentucky Overflow, who are still semi-active, writing the score for the recently released independent film "Country Crush", about demolition derbies. He toured last year in a band called Dorsie with his son playing drums, doing dates in NY, Jersey, Philly, Ohio, and Detroit. 

ANDREW HAMILTON - drummer 1983 - 1984

Sluggo's original drummer, Andrew Hamilton, gave the band its name. He is also credited with turning Julian on to Dayton funk legends Zapp, which had a profound effect on Julian's musical tastes in the years to come.

Andrew left Sluggo shortly after the release of the Contradiction EP. He graduated from High School in the Spring of 1986 and attended U. C. S. D., in La Jolla, California. A benign bone tumor brought him back to Cincinnati, the next year, to have local neurosurgeon, Robert L. McLaurin (nephew of the famous, Howard Hughes), excise the ossified pedicle of Hamilton's 12th thoracic vertebra.

In the 1990's, Andrew earned his degree in French Studies from the University of Cincinnati. In 1999, he opened up a music recording business at QCA studio B.  By 2004, Andrew was focused entirely on CD mastering, and founded Serif Sound Mastering. Some notable works Andrew has mastered include various selections from indie artists, such as Magnolia Mountain, The Buffalo Killers, The Trainwreck Riders, Tonefarmer, Fairmount Girls, The Hiders, The Chrome Cranks, Leedaman, Black Tribe Coalition, and Lingo Recordings (house music label). Andrew lives with his wife Amy, two dogs, and two cats. Amy is vegan, knits, bakes, and loves Herzog films.

PETER AARON - bassist 1984

Now known as Peter Aaron, former Sluggo bassist Peter Wegele  is the singer and guitarist of New York band the Chrome Cranks. He and another Cincinnati scenester, guitarist William Weber, started the group in 1988, before moving to Manhattan in 1992. The band went on to release eight albums, appear on MTV, contribute to several movie soundtracks, and tour Europe, the US, and Canada repeatedly. Younger groups in Australia, Europe, and North America—the White Stripes among them—now cite the band's unique punk-blues sound as an influence, some even performing and recording its songs. Recently reactivated, the Chrome Cranks are putting the finishing touches on a new album, "Ain't No Lies in Blood", which is due out later this year.

Peter now lives in upstate New York, where he also plays in the duo Avondale Airforce and works as a journalist and magazine editor. You can check out more of his work HERE