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posted Sep 15, 2010, 8:35 AM by Julian Bevan
Last weekend I ran in to former Sluggo bassist and Chrome Cranks frontman Peter Aaron at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in Monticello, NY. I was busy buying a taco and Peter was busy chatting with Scientists bassist Boris Sudjovic, who had kicked off the festival with his band on Friday night. Also on the Friday bill were Mudhoney, doing "Superfuzz Bigmuff" (blew me away), Sleep doing "Holy Mountain" (bow the fuck down!), and Iggy & The Stooges doing "Raw Power". Iggy was nothig short of EPIC, and at 63 years old, he out-performed every single other band at the festival. He was simply amazing. They encored with "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "No Fun". It was amazing.

Other great shows included Shellac, The Breeders, Sonic Youth, Explsoions In The Sky, Tortoise, Papa M, The Black Angels, Sun O))) and Boris. This year's festival was curated by Jim Jarmusch. My friend David accidentally puked on his head, but it was mostly beer foam and not too much puke. A good time was had by all. If you like rock n roll of any sort, I strongly recommend attending this festival. It's 3 days of musical bliss with nobody but other music nerds like you. And there's no corporate sponsorship to harsh your mellow.

Why am I even telling you this? Oh right: The GREAT news is that Peter confirmed he will be flying in for the Sluggo reunion on November 20th, to sit in for a few songs and show us how it's done. He recently got The Chrome Cranks back together for a series of sold out dates in NYC, so it seems like there's no better time than the present for us to be doing this reunion thing. See you there.