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posted Sep 28, 2010, 3:31 AM by Julian Bevan   [ updated Sep 28, 2010, 7:27 AM ]
Karl recently un-earthed a plethora of archival material that he had tucked away sometime back in the mid-80s. These are but a few of the gems found within.

Some old school setlists. First one is from '84 I think. I totally forgot that we used to cover "Public Defender" by S.O.A.
Second one is from '85 I reckon, and has a distinctive "Night of the Hunter"-esque flora and fauna theme, to put us in the mood I suppose.


A newspaper clipping from 1985. New wave is hot stuff here LOL. The JFA gig was really fun. We played first, followed by The Sun City Girls. The Freeze didn't make the gig for some reason. I think I remember the singer from JFA wearing a dress. They opened with the theme to the Charlie Brown cartoon and the rest of their set was half punk songs half surf songs ("Miserlou" etc), which was very cool. I recall sitting out in the entrance hallway to the JC before the gig, hanging with JFA. One of their roadies was this bald kid with a big scar from the back of his skull to the top of his forehead. JFA told me he was the kid from that infamous story about The Misfits, where they were playing (San Diego '82, I think) and they got in to it with the crowd. Doyle ended up splitting this kid's head open with his guitar. A riot ensued and the story goes that The Misfits barely escaped alive. The scar on this kid's head was somethin' else.