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posted Sep 23, 2010, 9:31 AM by Julian Bevan
We actually did it. Plane flights were booked. Road trips were made. Sleep was disregarded. Sluggo reunited for a new rehearsal after 25 years.

I cannot express how much fun we all had that first day. Lots of catching up. Lots of people making fun of my grey hair. Good times.

Eric procured us a space in Erlanger, KY. Chris found a P.A. The band sounded pretty damn tight considering our long hibernation. It took awhile to re-familiarize ourselves with the old material, but as suspected, it was pretty much like riding a bike - albeit a very old, rusty, banana-seat huffy bike from 1983 with a worn out Fiend Club sticker on the frame. Chris had a firm grip on song structure, and the rest of the band was quick to pick up on things. I had to re-write a few of the higher notes that are just way out of range at this stage for me (almost were back then too, to be honest). Lucky for me, hardcore is very forgiving to vocalists. Just believe it and yell in to the mic and nobody's gonna complain about you being flat or sharp.

We worked on a rough set list, and some new structural edits, and basically just tried to plow through as much as possible in two days. Some songs sounded awesome. Some sounded like "WTF were we thinking?". Lots of stories were exchanged during rehearsals, and also over beers late Saturday evening. I feel like the luckiest bastard on earth.

We took a few photos to commemorate the occasion. Ladies can get a signed copy of this in our double-decker hot tub tour bus come November. I'm the young one.